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Underseas - Impressions

The work of the series Underseas and Impressions are photographs showing paper as the main Material, which is then transformed through cutting, folding, crushing, painting etc. into extraordinary art objects. The delicate shapes and the lightness of the material is what fascinates me. Since the paper doesn’t have any internal structure, I have to capture the moment before it follows gravity and changes its shape again. How the light plays with the shapes is very important since it is an extra element which adds to the mysterious atmosphere.

The title Underseas evokes a world from the sea. And yet the shapes are random and abstract, they resemble sea creatures.

The work Impressions shows mysterious shapes with folds and caves, surreal landscapes and architectures. The use of light is essential in this work and gives it almost a spiritual character.
“I was always interested in showing
a certain melancholy and vulnerability
in my work.

Photography allows me
to capture a lyric moment”.
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