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1990 M.Arch. in Architecture, Dipl. Ing. RWTH Aachen University,
Rheinisch Westfälisch-Technische-Hochschule-Aachen, Germany

One Person Shows
2019 AKG, A Kind Gesture, Emotional Gear, Eileen Fisher, NYC
2017 AKG, A Kind Gesture, Emotional Gear, Eileen Fisher, NYC
2016 AKG, A Kind Gesture, Emotional Gear, Eileen Fisher, NYC
2007 Crecloo Art Gallery, “Black’n White”, NYC
2001 Magnetics; Moving Image Gallery, NYC
1997 Anne-Katrin Grotepass Stahl-Magnetobjekte und Bilder, Vereinsbank; Hamburg, Germany
1996 Secrets, Window Installation; Alicia Torres Fine Art/ Gravity Free Factory, NYC
1992 Anne-Katrin Grotepass , Kunsttreppe; Hamburg, Germany

Group Shows
2012 Art For Happiness, New York - Nagano, Nagano, Japan
2011 Selected Staff Group Show, Museum of Modern Art, NYC
2008 Aid for Aids, with Mario Testino, NYC
2008 gfSpace, with Zheng Lianjie and Wynne Noble, NYC
2006 Close To Home, curated by Elisabeth Akkerman Francis Greenburger, NYC
2006 I Want To Dance; Gallery Onetwentyeight, NYC
2005 Drawings and Three Dimensions; Gallery Onetwentyeight, NYC
2004 Schwarzweiss IX; Gallery Marianne Grob, Berlin
2003 Out of Line Drawings; Gallery Onetwentyeight, NYC
2003 New York Cross Cut, Kunstverein Paradigma, Linz, Austria
2001 At Hand, New Methods, New Materials; Payne Gallery, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
2000 Shedding; Gallery Onetwentyeight, NYC
1999 carriage return; Gallery Völcker and Friends, Berlin
1998 Here & Now; Sculpture Center, curated by Marian Griffths, NYC, Catalogue
1997 New Work 97; Artspace, curated by Marian Griffths, New Haven, CT
1997 10 Jahre Kunsttreppe; curated by Paul Theodor Hoffmann Hamburg, Germany
1997 Industrial Strength; Gust Vasiliades, NYC
1997 Galerie der Zukunft, 10 Künstler 14 Tage; Zirkulation Hamburg, Germany
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