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Publications 2017-2000
2017 LIM Blog LIM Students and Eileen Fisher Work Together for Earth Day
2008 NHK, October, Japan’s public broadcast, gfSpace, NYC
2007 Consuelo Projects, Bridge Art Fair, Chicago, Catalogue 
        Gay City News, Open Studios – NYC Fall, Andrew Cornell Robinson
2006 Close To Home, Blockparty-Abby Hamlin and Francis Greenburger,
          curated by Elisabeth Akkerman, Catalogue 
        Where We Are; Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York, Catalogue
2005 Dance ViewTimes, Sally Silvers & Dancers 25th Anniversary Season,
        Collaboration with Anne Katrin Grotepass 
        Performance Space, Iconoclassical choreographer Sally Silvers returns to
        Performance Space 122 with a collaboration. “Wearable Art” sculptor Anne Katrin Grotepass, NYC
        Culture Boat, Sally Silvers 25th Anniversary 
        Theater World, 2005 PUPPY-SKILLS Presented by Sally Silvers & Dancers: 
           Music, lris DeMent, Pooh Kaye, Cydney Wilkes; Featuring: sculptor Anne Katrin Grotepass 
        Off Off Dance Review, Puppy-Skills:
           Sally Silvers & Dancer's 25th Anniversary Season" with sculptures of Anne Katrin Grotepass
2005 Drawings and Three Dimensions; Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York, Catalogue 
        Daily Ampello Art News, Postcards from the edge
2003 Linzer Nachrichten, New York Cross Cut, Kunstverein Paradigma, Linz, Austria 
        Postmedia Network, Moving Image Gallery, Golan Levin and Anne Katrin Grotepass
2001 The Philadelphia Inquirer, 14.01.2001, Victoria Donohoe, From Magnets to Nail Polish, Making New Art
2000 NY ARTS International Edition Vol. 5 no 2, Shedding, Deborah Everett
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Publications 1999 -1990