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International selected jury shows
1995 Salon de Printemps; LAC, Luxemburg, Catalogue

2009 Performance with paper constructions, Gallery Onetwentyeight, NYC
2008 Collaboration with Kazuko Miyamoto, Bat dance,
Performance in front of Sol LeWitt sculpture, Gallery Onetwentyeight, NYC
2005 Puppy-Skills: Sally Silvers & Dancer's 25th Anniversary Season"
with sculptures of Anne Katrin Grotepass
2005 TransForm, Collaboration with Sally Silvers and Brian Hayes, PS122, NYC
2005 Scrambles, Collaboration with Sally Silvers, Construction Company, NYC
1990 Aixciting; Aachen, Germany

1998 small works; 80 Washington Square East Galleries, NYC, Jury Award (by Ealan Wingate)
1996 Invitational competition; Dresden, Germany, first prize
1994 Invitational competition; Cologne, Germany, juried first rate

1997 Installation, Collection for Kinetc Art, Hamburg, Germany
1996 Aluminum object, Aug. Prien Company; Hamburg, Germany
1995 Stainless steel object for Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Herrmann; Mühlheim an der Ruhr, Germany
1994 Aluminum object, Hartmann Company; Basel, Switzerland
Stainless steel object, Hartmann Company; Munich, Germany
1993 Aluminum object, HEM Eggert Company; Hamburg, Germany
1992 Stainless steel object, Hartmann Company; Nürnberg, Germany

Permanent and Private Collection
Werner H. Kramarsky Papers in The Museum of Modern Art Archives
Art Collection of Payne Gallery, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Permanent
Art Collection of German Embassy, NYC
Permanent Art Collection of Kinetic Art, Hamburg, Germany
In several private Art Collections
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Publications 2017 - 2000